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Upgrading a septic tank or system

A guide to upgrading your septic system

How to know when your septic system needs upgrading

With many years of experience, we can help you to identify if your septic system needs upgrading.

We understand that it is not usually something you want to spend your savings on, and that not everyone is in a position to upgrade their septic system straight away.

But we can explain the process and the cost involved if you do need to upgrade you septic system in the future.

Eventually every septic system will fail and need to be replaced with a waste water treatment systems. When a septic system fails for whatever reason, it will potentially become a health risk to your family, the community and the environment if not dealt with.

Common signs that your septic tank is failing

If your answer is YES to any of the following questions, there is a good chance that your septic system is failing and needs to be assessed.

  • You can smell sewage either inside you house via pipework or outside near your trenches
  • Your sinks are draining slowly, there are gurgling sounds in the plumbing and constant plumbing backups
  • You can see cracks in your septic tank
  • Water is pooling around or near your trenches
  • Council have inspected and issued you with a notice to rectify your failing septic

If you are still unsure if your septic tank is failing or not, please contact us and we can assist you further and arrange a no obligation site visit and septic tank upgrade quote.

My septic system is failing

What to do next…

  1. Arrange for a geotechnical report (also known as a waste water report, site and soil evaluation or land capability assessment to be completed if your council requires one. We can assist you with finding someone to who can complete this report. Most shires and councils required the submission of this report showing the hydraulics from you house as well as the permeability of your soil which when calculated will outline the effluent disposal area size. Within the report a drawing of your site will be completed that will show the best positioning of your effluent disposal area & system location meeting with the setback required by Australian Standards and local government. This report ensures that the right sewage treatment system and effluent disposal area is correctly install for your specific site.
  2. This report (which includes your on-site sewage treatment and effluent designs) along with your application will then be submitted for council approval.
  3. At this stage we can now organise a site visit with our plumber or septic tanks systems installer and will supply you with a quote based on the report and site inspection. This quote will include the decommissioning of your old septic system, supply and install of your new Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment system, plumbing & effluent disposal area.
  4. When you are ready to proceed and upgrade your old septic system with a new efficient sewage treatment system, we will book in a date.
  5. Once complete we will commission your new Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment system and you will begin recycling all your waste water.

Your smelly septic tank problems will be over!

Why to consider replacing your septic system

There are a number of reason you may be considering upgrading your septic system. Your system may be failing, you may be considering renovation or extending your house or you may just want to recycle all your waste water safely back onto your lawns. In the case of a failing septic system you may not have a choice in the matter and have to upgrade your failed septic systems as they can become unsafe to your family and the community.

The risks of a failed or failing septic system:

  • Can cause serious health risks to your family and neighbours
  • Pollute waterways and have a detrimental effect on the environment
  • Can be very expensive to repair and/or maintain
  • Devalue your home if you are thinking of selling in the future

With our network of experienced and qualified distributors, sewerage systems installers and service agents we can assist you with upgrading your old septic tank or installing a sewage treatment systems on your new house project. Ozzi Kleen household sewage treatment systems (Ozzi Kleen RP10) are approved Australia wide. Contact us now for advice and to find your local septic system upgrade or new systems installation expert – Contact us

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