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RW5000 - Key Benefits

5000L poly underground rainwater tank

The answer to water storage in the urban environment. The Ozzi Kleen RW5000 allows small urban blocks the convenience of rainwater storage with a space-saving unobtrusive tank.

Underground Rainwater gives your backyard back!

The rotational moulded polyethylene construction is weight for weight 100 times stronger than concrete. Construction is seamless which ensures there is no risk of leaking or root intrusion. The systems design ensures child prevention, in that it has a hard to access opening.

The unique design of the First Flush Diverter incorporated within the tank, which diverts the first amount of water received from a rainfall, ridding it of any dust, bird/animal droppings, mould spores/bacteria, concentrated tannic acid, heavy metal deposits and other airborne debris which has settled on the roof between rain periods, ensures every drop of water is as fresh as the next!

With a design that allows the addition of more tanks, means the capacity is determined by the space you have underground.

You can go past an Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank, with a 5000L capacity, that's smart and out of sight!

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