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RW5000 & RW Deluxe Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank - How it works

Firstly the water passes through the leaf strainer which will filter out any leaves, larger dead insects, larger debris etc. After passing through the leaf strainer the first amount of water will then pass into the first flush diverter. See this article for more info on the First Flush Diverter.

Once the tank is full the lowest quality water from the bottom of the tank is removed via a de-sludging overflow tube situated in close proximity to the pump pick up pipe. This removes any sludge from around the pump pick up pipe as well as the water from the bottom of the tank leaving the highest quality water in the tank. This water/sludge is sent to the overflow pipe and removed from the system.

Stored rainwater is fed to the outlets via a pump and pressure regulator. This keeps a constant supply of rainwater to the outlets from the tank. If the water level in the tank drops to a low level the system senses this and will seamlessly change over to supply the outlets with mains water instead, (only available in model RW Deluxe). Once it has rained and rainwater level has again been lifted in the tank, the system will automatically switch back to rainwater. In the event of a power outage the system will automatically divert to mains water so that there is always a constant supply of water to the outlets.

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