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RW5000 & RW Deluxe Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank - FAQs

Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank

Q How much does the Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank hold?

Answer: An Ozzi Kleen Rainwater Tank holds 5000L, however these tanks have been designed to easily link multiple tanks together to achieve the desired capacity. One control tank is connected to a series of extra storage (slave) tanks.

Q Who will install my tank?

Answer: The Ozzi Kleen RW5000/RW Deluxe must be installed by a licensed plumber. Your licensed plumber is required to complete and sign the installation certificate supplied with the tank for warranty purposes. Or contact your local Ozzi Kleen distributor.

Q How far away from the house does it have to be?

Answer: There is no minimum or maximum distance required.

Q Does a manual come with the Ozzi Kleen RW5000/RW Deluxe?

Answer: Yes. An Owner's Manual will be supplied with every system.

Ozzi Kleen effluent dispersal

Q How much does it cost?

Answer: Contact our sales office or your local Ozzi Kleen distributor for a quote.

Q Is the Ozzi Kleen RW5000 approved in my state?

Answer: The Ozzi Kleen RW5000 has been certified to Australian Standards for below ground installation. This applies to all states Australia and New Zealand.

Q Do I get a rebate if I purchase this tank?

Answer: Check with your local government as most offer rebates.

Q Is the Ozzi Kleen RW5000/RW Deluxe noisy?

Answer: No, the system is virtually noise free. If an optional suction pump is required it is fitted inside the control box so while it is working a low hum may be heard if standing in close proximity to the control box.

Q What happens when I get lots of rain and the tank fills up, will it overflow?

Answer: Yes the tank will overflow through the overflow pipe to the designated overflow area.

For more information about this product please contact one of our Ozzi Kleen Rainwater tank distributors or our head office.

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