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FAQs - Ozzi Kleen Grey Water Treatment System (GTS10) - Greywater Recycling for your home

Q What is an Ozzi Kleen GTS10?

Answer: Ozzi Kleen GTS10 is a 10 person Domestic Greywater Treatment Plant, utilizing the Fully Aerobic Activated Sludge technology used in most modern day town and city council treatment plants.

Q What does it do?

Answer: It captures and treats all greywater, from showers, baths, basins, and laundry to a standard available for reuse on gardens/lawns and even back through toilets and the laundry in some states where regulations permit.

Q How does it work?

Answer: All greywater enters the single tank where oxygen is circulated via an aerator. This keeps the naturally occurring aerobic bacteria found in the wastewater alive, which in turn actively feeds and breaks down the waste. Treated water is decanted and stored within the tank in the effluent holding compartment available for reuse on gardens, laundry or toilet flushing* when needed. A safety device is present which allows excess water to be used on gardens or disposed back to the sewer.
*See your local authority

Q What is the Aerobic Process?

Answer: Aerobic means the presence of oxygen. Therefore, the treatment of wastewater occurs in an oxygen-enriched environment. This treatment process is very effective and efficient, with breakdown occurring in a matter of hours. This process is used by modern day council plants world-wide.

Q What is Effluent?

Answer: Effluent is treated water at the end of the treatment process.

Q Who does the installation?

Answer: Your Ozzi Kleen Distributor can co-ordinate your installation for you or you can simply have your own plumber carry out the installation.

Q Does the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 produce any nasty odours?

Answer: No. Due to the aerobic process the waste does not decompose and therefore no smell.

Q Is the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 noisy?

Answer: No. Due to the selection of equipment involved, there is only a low humming sound.

Q Can I use product such as Napisan, Domestos, and other bleaches?

Answer: Yes, just as if you were connected to town sewerage, Ozzi Kleen GTS10 allows you to use your favourite cleaners, disinfectants and bleaches.

Q I like to do a number of loads of washing on one day, will this overflow the system?

Answer: Answer A shock load - like multiple washing loads, extra visitors, emptying a spa bath etc is easily handled by the Ozzi Kleen GTS10. It has a 1000 litre buffer zone, which can easily cope with shock loads.

Q How much does the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 cost to run?

Answer: The Ozzi Kleen GTS10 is extremely cost efficient. Due to the unique Ozzi Kleen GTS10 process the system is not running continuously. Power costs are approximately 25 cents per day.

Q How far away from the house does it have to be?

Answer: There is no minimum or maximum distance required as long as it has the right fall, ie 1 in 60.

Q Does the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 need to be serviced?

Answer: Yes, a service is to be carried out every 3 months. Results from the tests for water purity and system efficiency are provided to you and your local authority.

Q Does a manual come with the Ozzi Kleen GTS10?

Answer: Yes. The Owner’s Manual can be found in the control box, it is very informative, telling you all you need to know about how your Ozzi Kleen GTS10 works.

Q Does the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 need pumping out?

Answer: As there are no build up of solids, they are continuously being broken down – under normal circumstances the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 should never require pumping out.

Q What is greywater?

Answer: Greywater is all your household wastewater not containing the toilet connection. Greywater when stored for 12 hours is equal in bacteria content to normal sewage.

Q How much does it cost?

Answer: Contact your local Ozzi Kleen Distributor for the most up-to-date, accurate pricing.

Q Is the Ozzi Kleen GTS10 approved in my state?

Answer: The Ozzi Kleen GTS10 has been approved in Queensland (DNR), New South Wales (NSW Health Depart), Victoria (EPA), Tasmania (DNEIR), South Australia (Depart of Human Services), Northern Territory (Depart Health & Community Services).

For more information about this product please contact one of our Ozzi Kleen Grey Water distributors or our head office.

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