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Marine Waste Water

Marine Waste Water
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Marine waste water treatment processes

There are two distinct processes utilised by the Ocean Kleen system for applications which involve:

  1. Treatment of black water using saltwater flush toilet systems.
  2. Treatment of black and grey water using only freshwater toilet systems and other fixtures.

We refer to these systems as Ocean Kleen Salt and Ocean Kleen Fresh.

Ocean Kleen Salt

The Ocean Kleen Salt system is designed for the treatment of toilet waste (black water) with seawater flushing, and is able to provide a level of treatment far higher than the internationally accepted Marpol IV standard upon which the 'Grade A' classification is based.

The system promotes the action of naturally occurring marine bacteria to breakdown and consume the waste in a controlled treatment process, which also offers denitrification of nutrients. The waste is converted to CO2 and H2O with no unpleasant odours or production of methane gases. This makes it ideal if the system's installation is in the confined spaces within the hull of a boat.

The clear treated effluent is disinfected and is usually held in a suitable storage tank until discharge is legally permitted.

Discharge is not permitted in enclosed marinas, housing canal developments and specially declared 'Environmental Green Zones'. The treatment plant electronics has an optional feature controlled by G.P.S. location that can be added to the system to regulate the discharge of treated effluent in these zones. The electronics control the effluent discharge pump or automatic valve depending on which is installed.

The toilets can either be fitted with a full flush system or a grinder pump for small flush systems. The full flush system has an optional balance tank and grinder pump combo, which can be fitted, while the other includes a grinder pump fitted direct to the toilet.

Ocean Kleen marine sewage treatment system fitted on deck of the Kingfisher II
Ocean Kleen fitted on deck of the Kingfisher II

Ocean Kleen Fresh

The Ocean Kleen Fresh utilises a similar treatment process as in the 'Ocean Kleen Salt' system, however, it is designed to treat the waste from fresh water flush toilets, with the added advantage of including and treating both grey and black water.

The added benefits to using fresh water flush toilets are numerous:

  • No offensive odours arising from salt water flush toilet bowls, which have not been flushed for sometime.
  • The use of standard dual flush domestic toilet sets which are inexpensive and much more reliable than other 12/24 marine toilet flushing to conserve the vessels water supply.
  • The treated effluent can be reused back through the toilets for toilet flushing to conserve the vessels water supply.
  • No jamming or blockages from accidental flushing of sanitary napkins or other extraneous matter.

The 'Ocean Kleen Sewerage Treatment System' utilises the most effective way of treating sewage, which is similar to the modern municipal treatment plants. Our innovative process provides high quantity and quality of treated effluent in relation to the plants size, and is able to handle shock loading by utilising surge control, which is completely controlled by the systems electronics.

Our ever increasing range of roto-moulded polyethylene products are manufactured under an audited quality controlled program, ranging from treatment plants and holding tanks to marker buoys and pontoons, just to name a few.

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