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Ozzi Kleen - Commercial Sewage Treatment Solutions

Ozzi Kleen SK20 Skid mounted Sewage Treatment plant

Ozzi Kleen SK20 skid mounted on-site wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater sewage treatment plant - Innaminka
On-site Wastewater sewage treatment plant - Coral Cove
Wastewater sewage treatment plant - Moore Park School
Wastewater sewage treatment plant - Seaforth Camp Reserve
On-site Wastewater sewage treatment plant - Port Hedland

Suncoast Waste Water Management has developed and engineered the range of OZZI KLEEN custom designed packaged sewage treatment systems that have enhanced the quality and dependability of waste water treatment. The key to OZZI KLEEN’s high performance is the cyclic control process which has been specifically developed to make waste water treatment more reliable and energy efficient.

OZZI KLEEN is fast becoming known as the Australian leader in packaged sewage treatment systems. With over four decades of R&D, OZZI KLEEN is now serving the needs of remote communities, work camps for mining and construction projects, high density living, resorts, hotels, caravan parks, islands, schools, emergency relief projects and shopping malls.

OZZI KLEEN systems can be custom designed from our standard range of products for each client’s application, with inbuilt flexibility for handling large changes in flows. These adaptable systems are supported by our strong commitment to after sales service and maintenance.

Through years of experience with waste water treatment projects, we can provide the advantages of pre-engineered and modularised designs that provide the simplicity of a plug and play waste water treatment solution. OZZI KLEEN provides both transportable or permanent, packaged sewage treatment systems that can be delivered, installed and commissioned quickly.

Key Benefits

• Quick mobilisation and demobilisation
• Designed and constructed to demanding Australian standards
• Robust, compact, easily transportable
• Plug and play solution
• Equipped with programmable logic controller (PLC)
• Minimal maintenance requirements
• Manufacturer’s warranty
• No septic process
• Caters to peak periods using a SBR technology
• High quality effluent
• Capacity can be increased
• Fully lockable systems available
• Ideal for remote locations, temporary
   accommodation, mining and construction camps, 
   towns, resorts, caravan parks, schools, airports

Our multi-disciplined staff have experience in consulting, engineering and electrical design, environmental services, OEM, water and waste water systems and site infrastructure. Our philosophy is to provide value for money by considering alternative solutions that preserve the integrity and serviceability of the project which is achieved through the diversity of experience and credibility of our team leaders.

Production Capacity
We maintain a continuous operating factory to produce our vast array of sewage treatment plants and other waste water systems. We employ a team of permanent production staff along with a dedicated team of accounting and administration staff. The production staff come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and predominantly are qualified trades personnel and technicians. Ongoing commitments fluctuate with demand but the company maintains staff levels to cope with peak periods.

We Pride Ourselves
• Our treatment systems are manufactured in house under strict quality control procedures.

• All designs, engineering and programming are prepared in house by our qualified engineering and
technical team.

• Our electrical work and equipment meet Australian Standards and we can build to specific mining site/project requirements.

• We offer a full service maintenance agreement or onsite training.

The OZZI KLEEN team are becoming known as Australia’s leading experts in packaged waste water treatment plants. Today OZZI KLEEN treatment systems are operating in more than 19,000 locations in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Timor, Vanuatu, Laos, Guam, Torres Strait Islands, Timor Leste and UAE. Our reputation is growing rapidly throughout Australia and we now have 4 branches and 60 distributors servicing the growing demand for our OZZI KLEEN product range.

Financial Capacity
We are a company who have consistently increased our asset base and revenue over the past 15 years. We provide Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Work Cover insurance for the lifecycle of the contractual agreement.


Today OZZI KLEEN treatment systems are operating in more than 19,000 locations in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Vanuatu, Laos, Guam, Torres Strait Islands, Timor Leste and UAE.

Abigroup Contractors Pty Limited
ADL Constructions
Australia Zoo
Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd
Bowen Palms Caravan Park
Bundaberg Regional Council
CST Minerals Lady Annie Pty Ltd
Day Enterprises (Guam)
Dowdens Pumping & Water
Ernest Henry Mining Pty Ltd
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
Gainsite Pty Ltd
Geodynamics Ltd
Howden Town Council
Hutchinson Builders
Kagara Zinc Ltd
Kentz Pty Ltd (PNG)
LCM Megacorp (UAE)
Leighton Contractors (Asia)
Limited (Laos)
MBC Constructions Pty Ltd
Mining Camps Australia
Mt Isa Mines
Oil Search (PNG) Limited
Perilya Limited
Port Corporation Queensland
Prolink Plumbing (Vanuatu)
Qantac Pty Ltd
Queensland Department of
Education, Training & the Arts
Queensland Department of
Environment and Resource
Repage Pacific
Santos Ltd
Saxon Energy Services
Australia Pty Ltd
Torres Strait Island Regional
Traymark Industial Caravans
Walton Construction (Qld) Pty Ltd
White Mining Ltd
Whitsunday Regional Council

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