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Projects - Commercial Waste Water Treatment Plants  

Ozzi Kleen has more than 19,000 Ozzi Kleen sewerage treatment systems in operation including hundreds of commercial wastewater treatment systems. 

Below is a sample of our commercial on-site wastewater treatment projects which demonstrate the innovation and diversity Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment, Greywater Treatment & Water Treatment Systems offer.

Ezion Offshore Logistics - On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

Ozzi Kleen SC250 sewage treatment systems
Installation of an Ozzi Kleen containrised on-site sewage treatment plant
On-site waste water treatment systems by Ozzi Kleen

 Global Water for Ezion Offshore Logistics

Ozzi Kleen Model: Ozzi Kleen SC250 Containerised On-site Sewage Treatment System

Loading: 55 000 litres/day 

Location:  Ezion Offshore Logistics on Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands 80km off the coast of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Features: Fully installed on-site in only four days.  One of the key benefits of our ‘Plug and Play’ sewage treatment systems is that they can be on-site and up and running in only a few days.

QCV - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

Ozzi Kleen SC825 Containerised on-site Sewage Treatment System


Ozzi Kleen Model: Ozzi Kleen SC825 Containerised On-site Sewage Treatment System

Loading: 165 000 litres/day 

Location: Accommodation Village in Sarina, Queensland, Australia.

Features: The waste water treatment system was custom designed for this particular project. 

The effluent output was designed to an advanced level allowing for irrigation to the Sarina Golf Course adjoining the QCV Sarina Project.

Read more about QCV - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

QCV - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant


Ozzi Kleen Model: SC400A Transportable Sewage Treatment System 

Loading: 80 000 litres/day 

Location: Near Chinchilla QLD – 300 man camp 

Features: Located on the QCLNG Gas Pipeline construction camp. QCV chose to use an Ozzi Kleen Sewage treatment system because it is transportable and produces a high class effluent that can be recycled on site.


SANTOS - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant


Ozzi Kleen Model: SK20 Skid mounted Sewage Treatment Systems x 3 

Loading: 4000 litres/day per unit 

Location: Cooper Basin QLD & SA 

Features: These systems were designed for SANTOS to be easily transportable, robust and to produce effluent to be used for irrigation onsite.

XSTRATA - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant


Ozzi Kleen Model: SC600A Transportable Sewage Treatment System 

Loading: 120 000 litres/day 

Location: Ernest Henry Mine QLD

Features: The original 400 person Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment system was installed 16 years ago and this new SC600A was recently installed to cope with the increase in size of the accommodation village. 

SAXON Australia - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

 SAXON Australia 

Ozzi Kleen Model: SK10 Skid mounted wastewater treatment systems

Loading: 2000 litres/day 

Location: Cooper Basin 

Features: This skid system has been designed to be fitted to a larger skid with other equipment to be used on a 10 person mobile drilling rig situation. These SAXON rigs were designed specifically to SANTOS's requirements. A skid system can be easily designed to suit your site requirements. 

SAXON Australia - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

 SAXON Australia 

Ozzi Kleen Model: SK20 Skid mounted wastewater treatment systems

Loading: 4000 litres/day per unit

Location: Cooper Basin and QLD QCG Gas Line Projects 

Features: SAXON Australia have purchased in excess of 35 Ozzi Kleen transportable waste water treatment systems including SK10s, SK20s and SC50s for SANTOS and QCG (Queensland Coal Gas) projects. 

Oil Search - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

: Oil Search 

Ozzi Kleen Model: SC200 On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

Loading: 40 000 litres/day 

Location: Katubu - Papua New Guinea 

 All Ozzi Kleen containerised sewage treatment systems are designed in a standard 20 foot shipping container to be easily shipped to remote locations like the PNG Highlands. This containerised sewage treatment system is recycling the waste water from a fixed workers camp. 


Fortescue Mining Group - Mining Camp On-site Sewage Treatment Plant


 Fortescue Mining Group - Port Hedland 

Size: 165 EP On-site Sewage Treatment Plant 

Loading: 33,000 litres/day 

 Located 1761km north of Perth via the North West Coastal Highway or 1660 km via the Great Northern Highway, Port Hedland is one of the major iron ore ports in Australia. With a population of over 15,000 it is an industrial centre totally committed to the extraction, processing and exporting of iron ore.

Features: This project involved an advanced secondary system to service a population of 670 office staff working for the mining giant FMG. The wastewater treatment system was installed during construction of the port facility and has been treating all wastewater during the construction period and continuing phases at the site. 

Fitzroy Island Resort - On-site Waste Water Treatment Plant

 Fitzroy Island Resort

Size: 530 EP Sewage Treatment Plant

Loading: 106 000 litres/day

Location: Fitzroy Island is located just 4 kilometres from the mainland of Cairns in North Queensland. Fringed by the Great Barrier Reef, this island is a rare and unspoilt paradise that is 339 hectares in size, and covered in lush rainforest that descends spectacularly into crystal clear water.

Features: For this eco-sensitive island location, the treated effluent is reused for irrigation as per Queensland EPA guidelines.


Seaforth Camp Reserve - On-site Waste Water Treatment Plant


 Seaforth Camp Reserve

Size: 85 EP On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

Loading: 17,000 litres/day

Location: Situated 40km north of Mackay, Seaforth Camp

Reserve is owned and operated by Mackay Regional Council. The reserve offers a large open, shaded area for all types of camping, and a range of recreational activities attracting campers to the location. 

Features: Mackay Regional Council chose SWWM for our innovation & flexibility to supply a solution with the ability to handle large fluctuations in holiday seasons. 

Abbot Point Coal Terminal - Industrial / Fixed Mining Site Sewerage System

Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment plant - waste water treatment plant 

 Abbot Point Coal Terminal – Ports Corporation of Queensland

Size: 150 EP On-site Sewage Treatment Plant

Loading: 30,000 litres/day

Location: Situated about 25 kilometres north of Bowen, Abbot Point is home to Australia's most northerly coal port. It comprises a rail in-loading facility, coal handling and stockpile areas, and a single trestle jetty and conveyor connected to a berth and shiploader, located 2.75km off-shore.

Features: Ozzi Kleen secured this project due to previous installations of successful sewage treatment plant solutions for Ports Corporation Queensland on earlier stages of the project.

Coral Cove - Residential Development On-site Sewerage Plant

 Ozzi Kleen Waste water treatment plant - recycling treated sewage for irrigation

 Coral Cove Resort

Size: 1500 EP On-site Waste Water Treatment Plant

Loading: 300,000 litres/day

Location: Situated on the rocky foreshore and at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Cove Resort and Golf Club is just 14 km from Bundaberg on Queensland’s Coast. This prestigious resort village winds alongside a stunning 18hole golf course.

Features: The high quality effluent from this waste water treatment plant is recycled for reuse as irrigation on the 18 hole golf course. 

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