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Waste Water Treatment Solutions for Small Construction Camps



Through years of experience with waste water treatment projects, our dedicated and qualified team have developed standard commercial systems which have the advantages of pre-engineered and modularised design that provides the simplicity of a plug and play transportable waste water treatment system. Ozzi Kleen Group* can deliver everything you need to your site – simply connect it up and away you go.

The key to the Ozzi Kleen systems high performance is the cyclic extended aeration treatment process which has been specifically developed to increase the efficiency, making waste water treatment more reliable and effective.

14 benefits:

1. Designed for remote locations, temporary accommodation, mining and construction camps
2. Quick mobilisation and demobilisation
3. Plug and play solution
4. Designed and constructed to demanding Australian Standards
5. High quality effluent
6. Robust, yet compact
7. No septic tank processes
8. No septic tank odours
9. Minimal maintenance required
10. Full manufacturer’s warranty
11. Large buffer tanks caters to peak periods
12. Quiet operation
13. Grease trap option available
14. Buy direct from the manufacturer or take advantage of our rental option

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*Ozzi Kleen Group refers to anyone of all of the following entities: Ozzi Kleen (ABN: 21 443 767 199), Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste Water Pty Ltd (ABN: 42 130 874 958), Ozzi Kleen Rentals Pty Ltd (ABN: 27 160 075 758), Suncoast Waste Water Management (ABN: 62 063 770 534), Suncoast Waste Water Management Pty Ltd (ABN: 81 136 494 034) and Neatport Pty Ltd (ABN: 62 063 770 534).

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