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Transportable Skid Mounted Wastewater Treatment Systems


Neatport Pty. Ltd trading as Suncoast Waste Water Management is a manufacturing company, producing the Ozzi Kleen range of Sewage Treatment Systems, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland AUS.

We specialize in transportable skid mounted wastewater treatment systems from 2000 litres to 100,000 litres per day flow capacity which are custom designed in-house for your specific needs. We also focus on the wastewater treatment requirements of mobile drilling camps where our sewerage systems are easily relocated within several hours.

Our wastewater treatment processes are fully aerobic cyclic extended aeration with no septic compartments to be pumped out avoiding expensive tankerage from remote locations to an approved disposal facility. Effluent quality discharge, meets the required standards for EPA and state and health authorities.

We currently cover all of Australia and the Pacific region from the Cooper Basin to the Australian Alps.
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Ozzi Kleen SK20 Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant Ozzi Kleen SK20 Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant

Ozzi Kleen SK10 Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant Ozzi Kleen SK10 Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant

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