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Prep your house for your Christmas Visitors


Toilet and Kitchen Notice Toilet and Kitchen Notice (870 KB)

• Seasonal Reminder -

If you have visitors at your home over the Christmas period (or at any time really) don't forget to put signage up in your kitchen, toilets and bathrooms to alert guests to the presence of your Ozzi Kleen and not to put foreign objects down the drain.

Many of your guest are probably acustomed to flushing things down that they are not menat to but this could be a costly flush for you once they have gone and may result in a service technician callout or a poor performing system. 

A few signs around your home will help to let them know what to do. Free signage design is available to be sent to you from the  Ozzi Kleen head office.  Just contact  Ozzi Kleen and get your signs printed out and  up now before it gets too close to the festive season.

Also a good idea to make sure you have receptacles (bins) in all your loos and bathrooms and that your guests know that ALL kinds of wipes are a no no! There is no such thing as a "flushable" wipe.

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