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Ozzi Kleen new 4 core alarm cable now available to purchase


Ozzi Kleen Lilac electrical alarm cable

The Ozzi Kleen 4 core alarm cable you have all been waiting for is now available.

Do you want to carry out a hassle free installation and not have to worry about chasing down the correctly rated alarm cable when installing one of our Ozzi Kleen systems?

We are excited to announce that shortly we will have our Ozzi Kleen electrical alarm cable available!

This has come about from comments that the sparky’s never have the right cable for the Ozzi Kleen alarm and it was suggested that we source and supply the correct four core cable, so here it is!

Sold in 100m rolls, this alarm cable is rated at 240v to meet all electrical requirements for the Ozzi Kleen alarm and has the correct coloured internal wires making life easy for everyone

So if you are installing your Ozzi Kleen system and would like the correct cable for the system click the "Contact Us" tab on this page or give us a call on 1800 450 767 for further information and pricing.

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