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Ozzi Kleen attends Cleantech Industries Cleantech Effect Conference


Cleantech Industries Cleantech Effect Conference 2016


Ozzi Kleen recently held a stand at the Cleantech Industries Cleantech Effect conference on the Sunshine Coast. Ozzi Kleen received an overwhelming positive response at this event as a great environmental achiever type product and a lot of interest in using Ozzi Kleen products in upcoming local projects was discussed.

The Cleantech Effect brought businesses and thought leaders to the Sunshine Coast in an outstanding cleantech event held by the Sunshine Coast Council. Hear what Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Professor Peter Newman from Curtain University, cleantech business leaders and CISC Board members had to say in this Cleantech video.  

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Science Commentator, Author and Australian National Treasure – I am here at Cleantech to talk about the future and ways to get our energy for the future, to protect the environment, be sustainable for our children and our grandchildren. I’m here for the kids.

Professor Peter Newman, Profession of Sustainability, Curtain University – Well it is not a question that the new economy is going to be smart and sustainable. You need to be Cleantech and that is part of the new jobs, it’s part of the new education, it’s the way new health systems are going to work. Everything is going to be more and more smarter, more sustainable. So if you can get the new leading edge technology people here then you can be one of the places to take it on.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – We are looking at the whole picture, using new technologies and new ways of thinking to give a better life for our children and their children and so the word sustainable has to come into it.

Rick Atkinson, Business Banking Executive, NAB Sunshine Coast – We’ve got some really good infrastructure projects coming up here in the short to medium term and its companies like the ones here today that will be added to take the Sunshine Coast to the next level and create a more diverse economy.

Megyn Carpenter, Secretary of the Board, Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast – It’s been such a great turnout and it just goes to show the interest in clean technologies and renewables. In this day and age, everybody wants Cleantech and the businesses that offer cleantech can be successful.

Will Waters, GoZero Energy – I mean its huge and the opportunity really is very much backed by Sunshine Coast Council as well. There’s also many private businesses that are connecting through Cleantech Industry Sunshine Coast where we were able to connect ourselves as a business to the community the wider community and its becoming a lot more of a holistic approach now.

Ashley Austin, – We’ve worked with a lot of councils in a number of regions globally and I think we’re all struck with the synergies in terms of personalities within the Sunshine Coast Council and with Urbanize but they walk the walk instead of just talking the talk which is actually rare these days.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – We can go entirely off fossil fuels. We can find a way to make our energy without burning carbon and we can in fact even suck some of the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. We just need to have the political will to do so.

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