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Only Approved Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant in SA


Only Approved SA Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant on the Market


You may or may not know it but Ozzi Kleen also make Transportable Sewage treatment plants in many different sizes.

In South Australia Ozzi Kleen is the only company to have an approved transportable sewage treatment system.. No other transportable sewage treatment plants are approved in South Australia.

We have been producing Ozzi Kleen Transportable systems for many years, these can be made in whatever size you require from a two man road camp to a large 2000+ mobile/temporary camp.


These systems can be used wherever there is a need for a sewage treatment system and will run straight from generators.


Systems can be made in many configurations to suit your needs.

Systems can be placed and installed/removed quickly and easily.

Many of these systems are plug and play

Full aerobic systems so no septic smells

Quiet operation, designed to be used in mobile camp situations

Many of our systems are designed to be loaded/unloaded onto trucks without the use of a crane


These systems are designed and built in Australia so are built to a high build standard

Each system passes through a QA stage before being sent to site.


We have many different sizes of these units available to rent so if you have a short term project that you require a sewage treatment system for but don’t want to outlay the cost of purchasing a system then ask us about our rental systems.

We currently have these systems in many different areas and situations from road camps, drilling rig camps to large accommodation camps.

Don’t get caught using a system that is not approved as you may find yourself talking to the EPA.

If you would like to find out more information on any of our systems be it for rental or purchase hit the “Contact us” tab at the top of our page in the banner.


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