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New Ozzi Kleen SK10 Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant


An innovative addition to the ‘Ozzi Kleen’ range of sewage treatment systems is the SK10 (skid mounted RP10). This is a fully transportable system designed for small mobile situations; it is capable of treating up to 2000lt of influent raw sewage a day.

The heart of the system is the proven Ozzi Kleen RP10 of which over 14,000 systems are installed within Australia. The sewage treatment system is mounted on an aluminium fabricated skid and is fitted with a raw sewage inlet bar screen.  The dry weight of the system is approximately 1000kg fitted with lifting lugs so it can easily be moved from site to site in remote locations across the country and can be quickly commissioned and decommissioned at these times.

A range of raw sewage pumping lifting stations can be supplied similar to the unit installed in the photo in the foreground in front of the SK10.

The Ozzi Kleen SK10 transportable sewage treatment system has all the relevant licenses for discharge of treated effluent into the environment or reuse.

The complete Sewage Treatment System is manufactured under a annually audited quality assured process in our Suncoast Waste Water Management factory located on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

We have many products for the waste water industry both for land and marine applications and all Ozzi Kleen wastewater treatment systems use IDEAS process (Intermittent Decant Extended Aeration System) and SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) with some variations for nutrient removal.

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 Ozzi Kleen SK10 Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant installed  
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