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19-Jan-2010 The Australian Mining Review - January 2009

Sewage Treatment Plant 20EP manufactured by Suncoast Waste Water Management (ozzi Kleen sewerage system)

Australian leader in sewage treatment technology, Suncoast Waste Water Management is also the manufacturer of Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment Systems. Suncoast has been serving the needs for more than two decades of isolated communities, mining locations and various other projects not connected to the municipal sewage treatment system.

During that time, Suncoast Waste Water Management have developed and engineered custom designed sewage treatment systems that have enhanced the quality and dependability of many isolated projects including those of Kagara Ltd. Perhaps that’s why so many Consulting Engineers and Developers have turned to Suncoast Waste Water Management for advice. Their mission of “delivering value” in domestic and commercial sewage treatment systems often involves the creation of a custom design plant for a specific application. But in many cases, the best value can be achieved by selecting one of their standard products.

To date, commercial treatment plants have been installed and are treating waste water efficiently at Kagara’s Mungana, Chillagoe & Surveyor mine sites. Other mining companies which have purchased Ozzi Kleen treatment systems included White Mining, Xstrata and FMG in WA. The advantage of using sewage treatment plants is that the treated effluent can be reused by nature via an irrigation system.

Ozzi Kleen Treatment Systems are offering the mining industry a chance to help protect one of Australia’s most precious commodities – Water - by recycling and reusing the effluent. For more information free call 1800 450 767.

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