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Every site has individual operating conditions. The Ozzi Kleen Group* understands this and can tailor an Ozzi Kleen Maintenance Program (for your sewerage system, greywater system or reverse osmosis water treatment system) to best suit your site's operating needs and help you achieve compliance. Ozzi Kleen Group* has regular waste water treatment plant service runs through most regions of Australia and the Pacific. We have qualified waste water technicians who can not only maintain your sewage treatment system and screening equipment, but whom can also assist you with any water testing needs including influent and effluent sampling as well as potable water sampling.

The Ozzi Kleen servicing difference includes:

  • Highly trained technicians - there is a real science to maintaining any waste water treatment system. Ozzi Kleen Group* has a dedicated team of highly trained commercial technicians, who know the systems inside out. 
  • "Set and forget" booking system is an option! - let Ozzi Kleen remove the hassle of remembering to schedule each appointment. Once a Maintenance Agreement is in place, Ozzi Kleen Group will automatically service your system as per your Maintenance Agreement that has been put in place, with confirmation of service prior to arrival. 
  • Genuine parts – only genuine parts are used by Ozzi Kleen service technicians. Our Ozzi Kleen technicians carry a wide range of genuine parts, at all times which helps to reduce call backs.
  • 24/7 Support – Ozzi Kleen Group provides all sites with a 24 hour back up support number to call a technician for support in the event something goes amiss.
  • Service History - Ozzi Kleen Group keeps a detailed service history file on each treatment plant from the time of manufacture to the most recent service. This allows our technicians to quickly assess assist with support as needed.

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    *Ozzi Kleen Group refers to anyone of all of the following entities: Ozzi Kleen (ABN: 21 443 767 199), Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste Water Pty Ltd (ABN: 42 130 874 958), Ozzi Kleen Rentals Pty Ltd (ABN: 27 160 075 758), Suncoast Waste Water Management (ABN: 62 063 770 534), Suncoast Waste Water Management Pty Ltd (ABN: 81 136 494 034) and Neatport Pty Ltd (ABN: 62 063 770 534).


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