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Innovation in wastewater solutions


Published by Khaleej Times - 26 April 2014

The UAE is going to witness Australian excellence in wastewater treatment solutions for domestic, marine and commercial applications. Under the umbrella of the Arms Group, Ozzi Kleen, a leader in the field of wastewater treatment is expected to take sewage treatment to a new level. 

“We make transportable sewerage systems with high quality effluent for recycling, which are very easy to transport,” Mal Close, managing director and owner, Ozzi Kleen, said.

Ozzi Kleen has chalked out big plans for the UAE. The company already has a treatment plant in Jebel Ali for grey water treatment. An environmentalist at heart, Close reckons that the Arabian Gulf must not be allowed to become another Dead Sea.

“In desalination plants after you desalinate the water, the byproduct ‘concentrate’ is dumped back into the ocean, which is not designed to absorb this high salinity. This can result in paying havoc with the marine life. The fertile areas around the Nile delta used to sustain farming but because of the big dams, the ocean salt comes back which the ecology cannot sustain,” he added.

Another trading entity of the Arms Group, Ibn Al Nafees too is dedicated towards environment friendly products that cater to the overall benefit of the environment while progressively adding to the economy of the UAE. The company has partnered with entities that deal with environment friendly products and their components.

“Arms Group has been serving Dubai and the UAE for over seven decades in various industries and has consistently contributed to the national economy. Ibn Al Nafees was identified as the trading entity of Arms Group, which in addition to helping the economy, is also actively and consciously contributing to the environment and therefore saving the future of the planet,” said Mohammad Sharif Al Baidhaei, vice-chairman, Arms Group.

With a mission to save the environment and having a sustainable, clean and healthy environment that would in turn support a prosperous economy, Ibn Al Nafees is endeavoured to bring the best of the world to the Middle East markets. “We have been able to introduce products of Ozzi Kleen, Aquamatchturkiye (Turkish water treatment systems) and Secoh (Chinese linear pumps with a multitude of uses including the above systems),” Al Baihaei noted.

Over the years Ibn Al Nafees has undertaken several major projects including the Gulf Ventures Dnata — Solar Powered Sewage, Grey Water Treatment for desert camp in Al Awir and Grey Water Treatment System — labour camp in Jebel Ali to name a few.

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