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The company produces and maintains the highest level of quality in wastewater treatment solutions

By Sadlq Shaban - published in Khaleej Times 

Ozzi Kleen, a leader in wastewater treatment solutions for domestic, marine and commercial applications, is bringing Australian excellence and experience to the UAE shores. Partnering with Ibn AI Nafees, an ARMS Group Company, Ozzi Kleen is expected to take sewage treatment to a new level in the UAE and MENA region.

"Since 1993, the Ozzi Kleen range of wastewater treatment solutions has been a trusted name with thousands of systems installed across Australia. Our sewage treatment systems use modern technology to create a continuous supply of nutrient rich water for reuse. We make transportable sewerage systems with high quality effluent for recycling which are very easy to transport” Mal Close, Managing Director and Owner, Ozzi Kleen, told Khaleej Times.

With the increasing level of salinity in the UAE groundwater, there is an urgent need to utilise the expertise and willingness of Ozzi Kleen to provide water recycling solutions. The company already possesses the credentials and has over 30 years of invaluable experience in this field. Mal has worked with wastewater facilities for local government in Australia for more than two decades before developing a niche product to recycle water.  Mal has perfected the concept from his intimate knowledge in municipal work.

"I started manufacturing treatment plants by using aluminium for tanks. As time went by the aluminium tank became plastic moulds and we approached a company to manufacture the same. Soon the market for this product developed and distributors came along.  Thereafter, people were employed and commercial activities took off;' Mal noted.

While design, technology and sound engineering are all key in sewage treatment, Ozzi Kleen started off by making three big treatment plants for a coal mine in Australia.

Mal Close, Managing Director and Owner, Ozzi Kleen

“Our sewage treatment systems use modern technology to create a continuous supply of nutrient rich water for reuse. We make transportable sewerage systems, with high quality effluent for recycling, which are very easy to transport”

The market then expanded into caravan parks and schools and resorts etc. The company further developed marine products and has expanded into transportable treatment plants in recent years, which have turned out to be a very popular concept.

Talking about his foray into the UAE, Mal added: "I first came to the UAE six years ago and rode in the area, looking around. I noticed that the sewerage was not quite proportional to the massive construction work going around. Instead there was huge reliance on tankers to remove the wastewater. Not sure if the legalities of an onsite treatment would be allowed here I nonetheless joined a trade mission (AusTrade) to the UAE to explore the business opportunities. There has been no looking back."

An environmentalist at heart, Mal says that the Arabian Gulf must not be allowed to become another Dead Sea. "In desalination plants after you desalinate the water, the byproduct 'concentrate' is dumped back into the ocean, which is not designed to absorb this high salinity. This can result in paying havoc with the marine life. For instance, the fertile areas around the Nile delta used to sustain farming but because of the big dams, the ocean salt comes back which the ecology cannot sustain.”

Ozzi Kleen has got big plans for the UAE. It has already come up with a treatment plant in Jebel Ali for grey water treatment for the Ibn AI Nafees. "We shipped products all the way from Australia. As of now we have undertaken both grey water and black water treatment projects in the UAE. The water from the grey water treatment plant can be used back in homes and other facilities for flushing and toilet uses. So we don't require new water for toilets. This can also be used in desert areas and camping sites;' Mal concluded.

AsibnAINafees(anARMSGroupCompany), with its Chairman Abdul Rahman Mohammed Sharif AI Baidheai, is keen to explore wastewater treatment works, Ozzi Kleen is back on the job, putting up a model together.  This time the manufacturing of the products is also taking place in the UAE.

Khaleej Times Special Report - March 30. 2014 - Link to Article

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