Benefits of a first flush diverter with underground rainwater tanks


When it comes to underground rain water tanks, the first amount of water caught can carry with it any dust, bird/animal droppings, mould spores/bacteria, concentrated tannic acid, heavy metal deposits and other airborne debris which has settled on the roof between rain periods as well as any stagnant water which may have been sitting in the down pipes, all of which are not desirable rain water additives. By removing these, a higher quality of water is retained. This low quality water will be taken out of the system by the First Flush Diverter

The First Flush Diverter works by taking this first amount of water from the roof into the diversion chamber. Once this chamber is full a ball floats up and blocks off the chamber which then diverts the water to the main tank. Once the chamber is full the low quality water is slowly drained out into the overflow pipe from the first flush diverter readying itself for the next rain period. As it takes quite a considerable time for the first flush diverter to empty, it does not take much rain to again fill the diverter if the rain is start and stop throughout the day.

So every drop of water is as fresh as the next!

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