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2009 Environment Awards recognise Ozzi Kleen Greywater Recycling Systems!


Greg Downes (sponsor) presents Kylie Humberstone - Ozzi Kleen with certificate of recognition for Sustainable Water Management 
Sponsor: Greg Downes (Downes Survey Group) presents
Kylie Humberstone (Ozzi Kleen) with a certificate of recognition in
the category of Sustainable Water Management


Sustainable Water Management – Ozzi Kleen Greywater Treatment System GTS10:
Manufactured by Suncoast Waste Water Management

The dedicated owners/directors and the team at Suncoast Waste Water Management have been working on developing and manufacturing wastewater recycling systems for both domestic households and commercial developments. After nearly two decades of success with the invention of the unique Ozzi Kleen non-septic sewage treatment systems, this silent success story is about to start all over again! The team at Suncoast Waste Water Management have now come up with a treatment system for the urban community to re-use and recycle their greywater, which has previously been lost down the sewer.

This Sunshine Coast manufacturer employs a team of around 50 staff to run this operation, and has a strong focus on research and development of new and improved water recycling products. The Ozzi Kleen Greywater Treatment System GTS10 is an initiative that now allows residents of the Sunshine Coast and the rest of Australia the opportunity to take water recycling in their home to the next level. This recycling system is fully approved to safely recycle greywater back through toilets and washing machines and water gardens and lawns. With such a focus on sustainability in today’s society, the greywater treatment system is a key part of attaining sustainable water management in both a domestic household and commercial application. Recycling greywater for use back through the home has not been an option in the past as there have simply not been products which meet the approval standards to do so.

The GTS10 is an innovative approach to urban water management as it now allows the community – one household at a time – to reduce their mains water consumption by recycling their laundry, hand basins, showers and bath water.

The Ozzi Kleen GTS10 Grey Water Recycling Plant does not just divert your household greywater like many other greywater systems on the market, it actually treats the water turning disinfectants and bleaches into harmless compounds. This system has been fully approved and the water is safe to re-use on gardens or back through washing machines or for flushing toilets.
  • South East Queensland residents who are connected to municipal sewerage now have the opportunity to reuse and recycle household greywater which was previously lost down the sewer. 
  • Treating Greywater removes the risks involved with diverting untreated greywater, including the risks of running fabric softeners and soaps directly into the environment. 
  • Recycling in any form has strong positive environmental and community outcomes and water harvesting & recycling is now more important than ever.

For many years now it has been a strong company philosophy that educating the community is the key to creating change.  Attending home shows, sustainability fairs, environment days, garden shows and lifestyle expos has been a key tool in educating the community that there are ways each of us can make changes to recycle and save water for a sustainable future in their own home.  This year alone we have attended more than 30 shows Australia wide, educating people to take control of their own water & wastewater use & re-use.  The community awareness of Ozzi Kleen wastewater recycling initiatives has drawn the interest of the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE who now bring weekly groups of students through the Kunda Park factory to learn all about wastewater recycling.  Suncoast Waste Water Management volunteer their factory for this training, including key staff to educate these groups of students who are the next generation to implement sustainable water management practices into the community.  Certificate of Appreciation

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