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Rental Sewage Treatment & Water Treatment Plants

Ozzi Kleen Group* now offers customers the option of either renting or purchasing a Commercial Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment System or Water Treatment Systems (e.g. Reverse Osmosis). Rental systems can be custom designed to suit your requirements or you can select from one of the Ozzi Kleen standard systems. System sizes range from 5 estimated persons upwards.

For added peace of mind, all rental systems are backed with Ozzi Kleen’s 24 hour service assistance. Onsite assembly assistance, commissioning and monthly servicing is included with all Ozzi Kleen rentals. Ozzi Kleen’s service technicians have regular service runs to most areas of Australia including Cooper Basin, Surat Basin, Northern Territory and North Queensland.

6 Great Reasons To Rent:

  1. Rental payment can be 100% tax deductible**
  2. No depreciating assets
  3. Cost includes monthly servicing
  4. Flexible terms and rental plans
  5. Basic irrigation is included (skids only)
  6. Upgrade anytime

For further information or to obtain a quote please call 1800 450 767 or email

*Ozzi Kleen Group refers to anyone of all of the following entities: Ozzi Kleen (ABN: 21 443 767 199), Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste Water Pty Ltd (ABN: 42 130 874 958), Ozzi Kleen Rentals Pty Ltd (ABN: 27 160 075 758), Suncoast Waste Water Management (ABN: 62 063 770 534), and Neatport Pty Ltd trading as Suncoast Waste Water Management (ABN: 62 063 770 534)
**For professional advice on taxation matters, please consult with your Accountant or for further information visit

Commercial product brochures

Skid Mounted Sewage treatment plant - SK10 - Brochure Download

Skid Mounted Sewage treatment plant - SK20 - Brochure Download

Transportable Containerised Sewage Treatment range - Download Brochure

Packaged Poly tank Sewage Treatment Range - Download Brochure

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