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Under Belly Tanks

Ozzi Kleen Under Belly Tanks are a water tank that is lightweight, durable and designed to fit under most standard Semi-trailers and Skel-trailers.

Roto-moulded from food grade Polyethylene, Ozzi Kleen Under Belly Tanks have no seems or joins, making them extremely robust.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight and durable
  • 2500 litre holding capacity
  • No extra trailer required
  • Fits most Semi-trailers and Skel-trailers
  • Suitable for water and wastewater
  • Ideal for truck trailer builders, caravan builders and mobile camp builders
Ozzi Kleen Under Belly Tank

Case Study

Ozzi Kleen Under Belly Tanks are used by Ace Camp Solutions as water storage under their 14m x 3m Trailer Mounted Office.

“The Ozzi Kleen Belly Tanks are perfect for application on our trailer mounted units. They are easy to install & have good holding capacity.”
Warren Hohnke, Managing Director - Ace Camp Solutions

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