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Containerised Transportable Treatment Systems

Ozzi Kleen offers fully containerised transportable on-site wastewater treatment solutions. Ozzi Kleen Containerised Transportable Wastewater Treatment Plants are built in a shipping container so they can be easily transported by truck, boat or train to temporary or remote locations.

Through years of experience with wastewater treatment projects, we can guarantee the advantages of pre-engineered designs, modularised systems, and the simplicity for you of plug and play waste water treatment installations.

Our experienced team can offer you containerized wastewater treatment solutions to be completed quickly, affordably and with the reliability of successful results using the best available technology.

Ozzi Kleen Containerised Transportable Wastewater Treatment Systems operates on a fully aerobic treatment process which is a variation of the activated sludge technology. It is this technology, which offers reliable operation with many more advantages.


  • Plug and play with minimal set-up
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Simple to operate controls
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily secured and mobile
  • Rust proofed using poly urea coating, no corrosion
  • Modula design

Ozzi Kleen containerised wastewater treatment systems can be designed using simple SBR or MBR (Hollow Fibre Microfiltration or Flat Sheet Ultrafiltration Technology).

The Plants are designed to allow for expansion and staging of projects.


Materials of Construction:
NEW ISO Standard 20ft steel shipping containers (certified).

Simple, operational within hours of delivery.

Ozzi Kleen Containerised Systems are available in many configurations with the modules in parallel or in series, to cater for higher BOD loadings or large hydraulic capacities.

Effluent Disposal Options:
Check with your local authority, EPA/Depart Health.

Power Requirements:
Three Phase or Single Phase. Electrical components are available to meet all worldwide electrical specifications (volt/phase/frequency)

Operator training available and service and maintenance contracts offered.

For professional advice or more information on Ozzi Kleen treatment plants please contact us - Free call 1800 450 767

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